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Outdoor Leadership Training Seminars - Outdoor adventures including vision quests, white water rafting, mountaineering, rockclimbing and deep ecology.
Outdoor Leadership Training Seminars Outdoor Leadership Training Seminars - Outdoor adventures, outdoor seminars, and outdoor skills workshops in leadership training and deep ecology.Home | About Us | Articles | FAQs | Site Map | Links | Contact | Call - 877-821-6113
Outdoor Leadership Training Seminars - Outdoor adventures, outdoor seminars, and outdoor skills workshops in leadership training and deep ecology.OLTSCOURSES
Outdoor Training Seminars
Outdoor Leadership Training Seminars
Outdoor Training Seminars
Outdoor Training Seminars
Outdoor Leadership Training Seminars
Outdoor Leadership Training Seminars Outdoor Leadership Training Seminars

Community-Based Vision Quest
Our Place of Belonging - Encountering the Mysteries of Nature and Psyche
N/A in 2013

THIS CONTEMPORARY FORM OF THE CROSS-CULTURAL VISION QUEST is a multiphase journey of 13 total days over three months in which our foremost intention is to open ourselves to our primal inheritance as human animals ultimately inseparable from the mysterious matrix of living and dying that we call "nature." This inheritance, though systematically denied and repressed by the ominous forces of modern culture, is available to each of us, and, moreover, it is precisely what Earth longs for from each of us, as it is the primary task and principle means of generating new forms of viable human culture.

…Earth, isn't this what you want? To arise in us, invisible? Is it not your dream, to enter us so wholly there's nothing left outside us to see? What, if not transformation, is your deepest purpose? Earth, my love, I want that too. Believe me, no more of your springtimes are needed to win me over — even one flower is more than enough. Before I was named I belonged to you. I seek no other law but yours, and know I can trust the death you will bring. …
—Ranier Maria Rilke

In the months and weeks preceding the quest we'll cultivate states of consciousness and ways of moving that allow us to reverently approach and encounter the mysteries and wild otherness of the world. Engaging in this way (further) evokes the deep and particular mystery of who we are and reveals our unique place of belonging to the world. For the 8-day wilderness questing portion of this journey we will take leave from the everyday cultural world and avail ourselves to the more-than-human world and the styles of consciousness that this elicits. This process will be supported by 4 days and 4 nights of fasting, 3 of which will be in solitude from other humans. In the month following the quest we'll meet to support our continued and deepening participation with the mysteries we encounter.

This offering is also intended as a way to support the generation of soulful community and viable, local, place-based cultural forms that are both sourced in and in service to the wild otherness of the more-than-human world. Please join us in this effort to re-wild human culture in the greater Front Range area by gathering with us for this quest or by participating in other life-engendering, mysteryencountering journeys that help to move our community into a deeper and more reciprocal participation with this place, this world, this home.

We'll quest in the High Country of Colorado, home to familiar wild ones including: black bear, mule deer, elk, ponderosa pine, kinnikinnick, bighorn sheep, wild turkey, aspen, Douglas fir, and myriad others. The quest involves a partial-day backpack into the place where we'll make basecamp. No previous experience in backpacking or camping is necessary. However, you will need to prepare yourself physically — in addition to the emotional and psycho-spiritual preparation — in the weeks and months before the journey.



Tree on Quest

Preparation and Reincorporation Meetings Boulder, CO:

5 Days from 9 am – 6 pm: May 26 & 27, June 16-17, July 28

3 Evenings from 6 – 9 pm: May 25, July 9, and August 20


N/A in 2013


...To remember the other world in this world is to live in your true inheritance…
—David Whyte

Enrollment is by application. Inquire for payment options.

For more information or to apply for the Quest, contact:

Thank you for your interest! Please check back next year.

This program will be run under the auspices of Outdoor LeadershipTraining Seminars under a permit issued by the Medicine Bow-Routt National Forest.



Tree on Quest

Mary Marsden supports people to burrow deep into the earth of their bodies and psyches in order to heal and whole, and to discover their particular treasure and beauty with which to feed the World. She's dedicated to supporting the reweaving of the human into the matrix of the Earth Community; through body-mind, heart and soul. She is a Soulcraft™ and quest guide with the Animas Valley Institute and has training in the Hakomi Method of body-centered psychotherapy, Somatic Archeology, and somatic trauma work. She is a certified Wilderness First Responder. Front yard gardener and keeper of backyard chickens and bees, Mary has a private practice and offers nature-based soul programs in Boulder, CO. (Go to www.animas.org for more information about Soulcraft™)

Tree on Quest

Nate Bacon's passion as a guide is firmly rooted in the fecund soil of our carnal reciprocity with the more-than-human world — and our own inherence within that world. His work explores the braided rivers of perception, language, and worldview with a commitment to the re-wilding of human culture. He is dedicated not only to undermining the psychocultural structures of our modern ways of being in the world, but also to remembering how to feed and truly be fed by this wild and holy world that we call nature. Nate is a wildlife tracker, cultural ecologist, human development specialist, and writer with an M.A. in Philosophy and Religion. As a Soulcraft guide™, quest guide, and trainer for Animas Valley Institute, as well as in his local community, Nate brings fierce compassion and a deep love for the mysterious yearnings of soul to his guiding.






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